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Alameda Payroll Bookkeeping and HR Services


Based in Alameda,CA Zap Payroll provides full-service online payroll HR and bookkeeping outsourcing for your Alameda Business.

Trust Your Alameda Payroll Services to Zap Payroll


Payroll and taxes; those two responsibilities are often the only barriers that stand between motivated entrepreneurs and potential business owners - and making their dreams come true.


Don’t let the fear of headaches, penalties, and fines keep you from starting the business you dreamed of, or running your current business as efficiently as possible. When you use Zap payroll, we "zap" away the anxiety, stress, and payroll-related burdens so you can get back to growing a profitable business.

Zap Payroll offers a range of services, so you can match our payroll packages to meet your needs. We’re confident our prices will match or beat other payroll service companies – and that our services and customer-focused business model are superior to our competitors.


Contact the Zap Payroll team to learn more about our payroll and HR services, and don’t forget to ask about current promotional deals. Call now at (510) 263-8333.

alameda payroll services

Take Advantage of Affordable Payroll Services for Every Type of Business

Doing your payroll puts you at risk for IRS penalties and illegal mishaps you were trying to avoid in the first place. Trusting the Zap Payroll team to handle your company’s payroll means never having to worry. We guarantee your payroll forms and taxes will be filed - and paid - on time, every time.

Payroll 101

Every time you hire a new W-2 employee, you’re beholden to pay them accurately. This includes deducting the correct amount of local, state and federal taxes. You are also responsible for matching their Medicare and social security payments, as well as FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax Act) payments and SUI (state unemployment insurance).


If your company offers 401(k) and IRA benefits, health savings accounts, or other payroll dependent benefits - it can complicate your payroll process even further. This is why we started Zap Payroll. Our payroll pros excel at keeping all those details together, and we strive to make your payroll and tax processes as simple and stress-free as possible.


Want to see if you’re paying too much for your current payroll services? CLICK HERE for a quick assesment to find out!

Let us do all the hard work for you

Our straightforward and stress-free payroll services include:

  • Connection with a dedicated payroll specialist. You’ll be connected with a single, dedicated Zap payroll specialist. This person will be your single point of contact, ensuring you know exactly what to do, and when to do it. Your dedicated payroll specialist is also available so all of your questions can be answered quickly and accurately.

  • Mobile, online access from computers, phones, and gadgets. If it can connect to the internet, odds are it can be used to securely log-in to a  Zap payroll account. You can use your log-in to upload employee hours and to run basic reports. Your employees can use it to access and copy their payroll information when needed. You can also sync your Zap account with QuickBooks and most other payroll and financial software.

  • Simple employer payroll solutions. Does your company work with 1099 contractors? No problem. Do you want to establish and maintain direct deposit options? We’ll take care of it. Wish you had access to year-end W-2s,1099s, paychecks and other tax-related documents? You got it. Plus, you’ll have online access to all of the above, 24/7.


At Zap, it’s all about you. Contact us at Zap Payroll and revel in easy, reliable, and trustworthy payroll services for a very competitive price. (510) 263-8333.

Alameda HR Services

Alameda Professional HR Consulting

At first, hiring employees seems so simple, doesn’t it? You review applications, you conduct an interview and choose the applicants that’s the most qualified for the position. But then, a seemingly endless stream of questions can begin to pepper the process:

  • What information and questions are off-limits on an application or during an interview?

  • How extensive can our background checks be?

  • Do we have to have to offer health insurance? If so, what does that look like?

  • How can I set up employee retirement plans?

  • Can we use unpaid interns? If so, what paperwork is required?

  • How should I handle holiday pay, sick leave, family leave policies and so on?

  • What is the protocol for employee warnings, citations, and terminations?

These questions are nearly impossible to sort out without the assistance of professional HR services.

Professional HR Services Help You Grow Your Alameda Business

In addition to keeping you in compliance with state and federal labor laws, utilizing professional HR services, sometimes known as HR Outsourcing, helps you to be a better, and more competitive employer - so you have access to the best and the brightest employees. Qualified, efficient and satisfied employees are the foundation of any successful company.


Zap HR Services are designed to help you wherever you’re at. You can hire us in a pinch to solve a particular HR crisis, or you can contract with us to provide consistent HR support - including access to all the forms and documentation required for businesses that use both W-2 and contracted 1099 employees.


HR Support Center

For just a few dollars a month, you can have online access to ZAPs HR Support Center. In addition to providing you with a range of employer documents, including employee handbooks, hiring forms, up-to-date labor law updates and our easy-to-understand law libraries, you can also view useful videos about successful employee training and other HR must-knows.


HR On Demand


Wish you had an HR genie you could pull out of your pocket? Our HR On Demand subscription is the next best thing. Our HR pros will provide unlimited (we mean it! No hidden fees or charges) access to their expertise. You’ll have 24-hour access to emails, phone and chat support, and our pros will also help you by creating customized forms, letters and legal documents designed especially for your business.


HR Complete


Whether you’re just starting a multi-employee business venture or your small business team has been at it for quite a while, HR complete includes all of our HR On Demand services with a few notable perks. Most valuable is our comprehensive HR audit. We’ll come into your business and perform a comprehensive review of your forms, communications, employee records, and so-on. Then, we’ll put together a custom HR action plan to keep your business on the up-and-up, helping the company to prosper in complete compliance.


Attention to detail and impeccable customer service has yielded our professional HR team a customer service rating of 4.8 out of 5, and we look forward to providing the same level of service to you and your business.


Contact Zap HR to learn more about our basic and comprehensive HR services for small, medium and large businesses. Call (510) 263-8333 today!

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